Frequently Asked Questions

For Steve Gallegos' Coaching and Training Programs

What is executive coaching?

Coaching is a tool, used by individuals to improve their clarity, focus, decision-making, and overall performance, and to drive personal growth through reflection, planned action, measured risk-taking, and ongoing personal support. It may be used to increase your success in business and in your personal life.  As I like to say, Coaching helps you get the best from yourself so that you can make the most of yourself.

Why and when would someone need a coach?"

The reasons vary from person to person. However, the time to retain a coach is when you feel stuck, uninspired, lacking focus or drive, or when you find yourself making mistakes and decisions that are not in your best interests. When you feel you’ve hit a wall, if you feel paralyzed by fear,  or when things just aren’t working anymore.  If you ever wake up in the morning and ask yourself, “How the heck did I end up here?” or say “There’s got to be more to life than this!” these are strong indicators you may need a Coach.

Should you have experience in my line of work?

No.  This is not a requirement as I am not a business consultant, I am a human consultant. While I do have experience in a wide variety of subject matters and industries, my main focus is to guide you to greater clarity, to make better decisions, and to achieve greater levels of performance in YOUR chosen career or business whether that is in the arts, science, sports, education, or technology.  You are the expert in your functional area.

Who are some of the executives you have coached?

Sorry, my lips are sealed.  The process of coaching is a very personal and private experience. Much like when I was an Attorney, my coaching clients know they can expect absolute confidentiality and privacy. Clients will share with me their deepest, darkest secrets, and ethically, I am bound to secrecy. Unless obligated to do so by law, I will not reveal the identity of my private coaching Clients.

Do you accept anyone as a Client?

No. I do not work with persons under the age of 21, persons with a mental or medical condition who are or should be under the care of a medical professional, or persons who I feel are just going through the motions.  What I do is serious business and it is intended to produce serious results. I will only work with those who are committed to the process, open to change, ready to take the necessary action to achieve their objectives, and who will accept 100% responsibility for their results.

What can coaching do for me?

Every person has different needs and desired outcomes. Generally, as your Executive Coach, I serve as your personal advisor, confidant, sounding board and strategist. I focus on you and your success. I don’t tell you what to do, as much as I point out things you can’t see and give you options which will encourage and challenge you to achieve your greatest potential. Let’s make o mistake about it, there will be work to do on your part.

Is an Executive Coach like a Therapist?

NO. Therapists are required by law to be licensed as they are trained to diagnose conditions, delve into past wounds and trauma, and work on mental health issues.  I am not so licensed and I am not required to be,  because I do not perform therapy. As your Executive Coach, I rely on my many years of business and life experience to guide you to experience an even greater present and future. I do not diagnose or treat mental conditions.

Is Coaching a Confidential Process?

STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL! Trust is an essential component in the coaching relationship; therefore, I will never disclose any information from the coaching sessions to a third party, unless I am legally obligated to do so. Therefore, I will not share any information with your spouse, your parents, your siblings, your boss, your children, your best friend, or even with my best friend…ever, ever, ever.

How does your coaching process work?

To begin by speaking on the phone or in person to determine our suitability for working together. If we decide it’s a good fit, I’ll send you a Coaching waiver and consent form, and receive your payment.  We will then set the date and location for your Turnaround, or Breakthrough Day. At the conclusion of these, you will have a blueprint to follow for the next 30 days. We will have a follow-up in 30 days and if all is well, you can keep doing what you’re doing. If you would like to work on additional areas, we will schedule it accordingly.

What experience/training do you have as a Coach?

I have experience and training that you will not find in any other Coach.  Since the age of 17, I have served as a U.S. Marine NCO,  Law Enforcement Officer, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, entrepreneur, and business owner. The common thread among these careers is I was always in a position of leadership and supervision where I have coached, guided, and trained others to do better and be better.  I am also trained as a Strategic Intervention Specialist by the Robbins-Madanes organization.

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