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Having been abused, suicidal, discriminated against, fired, divorced, bankrupt and more, I have also enjoyed massive success as a U.S. Marine NCO, Law Enforcement Officer, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, Photographer, and Entrepreneur. After decades of studying why some people struggle through life, while others experience absolute joy, I finally found the answer.  And, it has nothing to do with setting goals, chasing dreams, or repeating affirmations. The answer is… to break the rules. 


But…you can’t just break any rule, and this is where I come in.  


So if you’re ready to to reach even greater levels of satisfaction in your business, career, relationships, and in everything you do, let’s break some rules.


Watch the videos below to learn more about what I do, and why I do it.

Executive Coaching

You are no stranger to success. You live it, you dream it, you surround yourself with it. And, you’re wise enough to know that what got you to the top of your game won’t be enough to keep you there. To stay ahead of your competition you must sharpen your mental game. While some coaches offer a year-long, or 6-month programs, I know that you want the answers now. That’s why I’ve created The Turnaround.

The Turnaround

A 90-minute private session to identify and show you how to eliminate what is keeping you from everything you want.

Breakthrough Day

Nothing happens without inspiration. At the wheel of a 200 mph supercar, or birdie on the 18th hole, let’s do what moves you!

Executive Summer Camp

Every great outcome requires a great team for its execution. And the best outcomes occur when couples are together-together.

Essential Skills Training for Teams

Having studied many of the most powerful, and influential people on the planet, I have found that ALL SUCCESS, depends on our ability to perform in the 3 areas which form the pillars of our lives. If you are the type of Leader who wants your organization to perform at its very best and to achieve unparalleled results, consistently, our Essential Skills Training is a must.


Your success,  whether in business or your personal life, is rooted in your thoughts, decisions, and actions.  Master these, and you can master your world.

Communications - Mastery

Everyone talks, but very few communicate. We’ll give you the skills, and empower you to speak to any audience, anywhere, at any time.

Relationship - Mastery

How you relate to others is the basis for all personal and career satisfaction.  We can show you how to get everything you want from others.  


Featured Audios

Chasing Success = Misery

We’ve been taught that becoming successful will bring us riches, respect, and happiness.  Let me show you why this is all a big lie…

You Are Not Your Story

As children, we were programmed to believe things about ourselves and we carry these into our adult lives.  What if everything you were told is wrong?

Become a World Class Failure

Achievement, peak performance, elevation and forward progress.  These are non-existent unless first you have failed.

Be the Best Boss Ever

As leaders, we often think that our job is to manage and control others. Here are some tips on becoming well liked, admired, and respected.

How to Do What You Love

Do what you love they all say… But what do you do when what you love doesn’t pay the bills?  Here are some tips to get you on the right path.

Ignite and Reinvent Your Corporate Culture

The key to your company’s success is your employees. The key to your employees’ success is your culture.


Some times you have to break away to breakthrough, and there’s no better place than at our 4 day Advance in stunning Costa Rica.  An exclusive experience for Executives and their spouses which will leave you renewed, energized, and ready for any  challenge.

leaders must learn how to transform themselves if they are to define the future growth of their families, businesses, and communities.  Our Executive Summer Camp will equip you with the proper mindset.  

More than power, money, or material possessions, there is one thing every Leader longs for and that is…significance. If we cannot achieve significance through productive means, we will resort to destructive means. Join us at Summer Camp and learn how you can really matter.

Legacy: for some, it’s a desire, and for others, it’s an obligation. Regardless of how you see it, leaving the right legacy is not left to chance. It is created through a clear vision, strategic planning, and showing up always as your best self. When you attend our Summer Camp for Executives, you will learn to create a legacy that will last for generations. 

October 22-25, 2019








Advance in Costa Rica


Happy and Grateful Clients

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“Stevie G. speaks makes me feel like I can do anything and get anything I want from life. Thank you Stevie for delivering such a powerful message at our event.”  

Lucy Reyes

Shell Oil, Houston, TX

As a direct result of Stevie’s training, my public speaking skills improved dramatically. He taught me valuable principles which I have used to vastly improve my personal life.

Eric Pineda

HR Specialist, MCrowd

In just 90 minutes with Steve, I learned more about myself and how to manage my life than I did in all of my years of formal schooling. His coaching saved my life, and career. 

Dr. Theodore M.

Private Practitioner

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