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you need 3 things: self-mastery, communication-mastery, and relationship-mastery. That is why you need me.
Steve Gallegos is a Personal Development Expert, International Speaker, Trainer, and Author who will guide you to experience even greater versions of yourself.  Far beyond motivation, Steve teaches the essential skills necessary to create massive success in your personal life and in your business life.    
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I'm Not Here to Motivate You, I'm Here to Change Your Life...

and I can deliver on that promise. You see, I am not just another coach, not just another trainer, and not just some guy who decided he wanted to switch careers and inspire others. I was born to train and guide others and I have been doing it since I was 17. It is who I am, It’s what I do best, it is my life’s mission. I know what it means to be nothing, have nothing, and start from nothing. I know what it means to be afraid, uncertain, and the pain of having made terrible mistakes. I have suffered discrimination, been fired from a job, ousted out of my law firm, divorced, financially bankrupt, and much more. Yet, more important I know how to overcome them. I know how to face any challenge, and I know how to win. And that…is what qualifies me to serve as your confidential guide, your trainer, and your coach. So if you truly want more in your personal life, your career, and your relationships I look forward to proving that your life will be better with me, than without me.



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Essential Courses for  Improving Business Results 


YOUR RESULTS as a professional, as a business owner, or entrepreneur hinges on your ability to excel in the 3 areas which form the pillars of your life: (1) self-mastery, (2) communication-mastery, and (3) relationship-mastery. If you are the type of person who wants to achieve unparalleled results, be recognized as the leader, influencer, and go-to person in your chosen field, these Essential Skills programs will give you the knowledge, and ability to succeed in ways that others only dream of.  

Speak to Win: More Clients, Contracts, and Commissions

The absolute #1 essential skill for everyone to master is the ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and with impact. This skill is the ‘great equalizer’ because regardless of age, sex, race, or level of education, your ability to connect with and influence others with your words is what will give you an unfair advantage over those who seemingly have it all. 

Networking is Dead: Let' Connect Instead

The recent world pandemic has changed how we do business. Traditional “networking,” is no longer an option, and that’s a good thing because for most people it was a waste of precious time. In this 2 hour program, we will explore how to create genuine connections, form solid business relationships, and how to get the introductions and resources that you need to accelerate your progress and profits.

Crush It On Video

Do you want an unfair advantage over your competitors? Well, it’s not your education, your experience, or your financial backing.  When it comes to opening doors, building trust, and getting people to like you, video is your answer. Whether you love the camera, or would rather come face-to-face with a hungry shark than appear on camera, this program will give you everything you need to look great, sound great, and gain the confidence to share your story with the world.

Personal Coaching


You’re no stranger to success. You dream it, you live it, you surround yourself with it. Yet, you know that what got you to the top is not enough to keep you there. The competition is younger, faster, more energized, and to stay ahead in this game you must evolve into an even better, more powerful you. The challenge that you face is present now. The clock is ticking. You don’t have 6 months, 3 months, or even 2 weeks to figure things out. You need a solution, and you  need it now.  That’s why I created — The Turnaround.

The Turnaround

A 120-minute private and confidential session to uncover what keeps you up at night. To expose the foundation of the problem and create a blueprint for progress. If your decisions and actions are not creating the results you desire,   if your words are misunderstood or ignored, if your connection with the most important people in your life is flimsy at best,   The Turnaround is for you. Click below and let’s resolve this…right now.


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Chasing Success = Misery

We’ve been taught that becoming successful will bring us riches, respect, and happiness.  Let me show you why this is all a big lie…

You Are Not Your Story

As children, we were taught to believe lies which we we carry with us into adulthood.  What if everything you believed is wrong?

Become a World Class Failure

Achievement, peak performance, elevation and forward progress.  These are non-existent unless first you have failed.

How to Give a Lousy Talk

Part 1 – If you never want to speak again, or if you want to be selected over and over, here are 4 tips to ensure your desired outcome. 

How to Give a Lousy Talk

Part 2: Here are 4 additional strategies you can use right now to ensure that your talk fails, or succeeds. The choice is yours.

How to Do What You Love

Do what you love they all say… But what do you do when what you love doesn’t pay the bills?  Here are some tips to get you on the right path.

Who Is Steve Gallegos?


The Rule-Breaker, Fun-Maker...

Regarded by many as America’s Ambassador on Success, Steve “Stevie G.” Gallegos has achieved the seemingly impossible. Growing up being called “good for nothing” during all of his young life caused his damaged ego to deliberate and attempt suicide. An inner prompting led him instead to escape his parents’ abuse by joining the US Marines. At 17 years of age, Stevie was at his lowest state of self-worth. Yet, during the 13 weeks of arduous training  he found the inner strength to rise up into a capable leader.  When he entered civilian life his talents and grit steered him through a variety of successful careers including a U.S. Marine NCO, Law Enforcement Officer, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, an entrepreneur and commercial Photographer.

Stevie G. believes that “we are not designed to do only one thing with our lives. Our world is constantly evolving and those who know how to reinvent themselves will experience the greatest results and highest level of satisfaction.”  


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“Stevie G. inspires me to do anything I set my mind to. As a speaker and trainer, he over-delivered at our event and I will definitely hire him again. Thank you, Stevie!”  

Lucy Reyes

Shell Oil, Houston, TX

As a direct result of Stevie’s training, my public speaking skills improved dramatically. He taught me valuable principles which I have used to vastly improve my personal life.

Eric Pineda

HR Specialist, MCrowd

In just 90 minutes with Steve, I learned more about myself and how to manage my life than I did in all of my years of formal schooling. His coaching saved my life, and career. 

Dr. Theodore M.

Private Practitioner

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I am on a mission to assist others become even more profitable,  more influential, and more impactful so that we can all contribute to society at a higher level.  Let’s work together and do whatever is necessary to get you, your team, or your employees become their very best!

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