Lucy Reyes

Shell Oil Corp., Houston, TX

Stevie G. speaks from the heart and makes me feel like I can do anything I wish or get anything I want out of life. Thank you Stevie for bringing such a powerful message at our Hispanic Heritage Celebration event.

Diego Zaltron

Professional Soccer Coach, Memphis, TN

Stevie G’s training is dynamic and fun! Through it, I have become better organized and have improved my ability to make decisions.

Daniella Toledo

School Teacher, Dallas, TX

Through Steve’s teaching, I overcame my fear of public speaking, something I never thought could happen!

Lana Reichick

Entrepreneur, Sacramento, CA

Steve, what you have is truly a gift…that ability to lift people up and inspire them. You always give me meaningful things to think about and leave me motivated to take action.  

Lynnette Byers

Entrepreneur, Dallas, TX

You are an excellent trainer in every way!  My confidence and intelligence level has increased measurably through your training.

Johnny Wimbrey

CEO, Wimbrey Training Systems

In today’s marketplace, your most valuable asset is your ability to speak and communicate effectively. It is the lifeblood to your success. As an International Speaker, Author, Celebrity Coach, and Trainer I have studied hundreds of trainers and public speaking programs, and without a doubt, Steve Gallegos and his “I Can’t Wait to Speak!” program is among the absolute best. If you want to master the art of communication without sacrificing your personality, you are going to love this program.

Anne Lacey Holmes

Certified MIcrosoft Partner

As a direct result of Steve’s training I am more effective as a leader, speaker, and my career is in now in high gear!

Eric Pineda

Sr. HR Generalist, MCrowd Restaurant Group

Stevie is a talented trainer and a great speaker. I was able to improve my speaking skills dramatically through his guidance. I strongly recommend for everyone to attend Stevie's training.

Shashi Mariputtana

CEO, Collide Village

Hi Steve:

I want to thank you for the training you provided our entrepreneurs in preparation for pitch day to investors. I really think you made an impact on the teams. You were very astute in  giving each team just a few specific tips that they could improve and work on, which improved their performances.  Again thank you so much!