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Okay, so, imagine for a moment that you and I are meeting in person (hey, it could happen!), this is how it would go down. I’ll ask what moves you, what you do for fun, what are you working on that excites you, and what keeps you up at night? Then, you’d be curious about this guy who asks such great questions, that you would naturally say… “so Steve, I’ve been doing all the talking, tell me about you!”  To which I would reply:

Short on time? That's alright, here are the takeaways:

  • I am not your typical anything
  • I’ve reinvented myself more often than a gecko in the Spring
  • I am a Rule Breaker, not to be confused with a law-breaker (although, there was that one time…)
  • Confidentiality is my middle name
  • I speak, read, and write fluent Spanish
  • I dance, sing, write songs and play guitar
  • If it’s not fun, I’m not interested
  • Photography is how I connect with the world
  • Motorcycling in the countryside is better than…well, almost
  • My Wife, Alithia, is the most remarkable person I know
  • I love guiding others to get to where they want to be
  • I believe in you
People refer to me as “America’s Ambassador on Success,” that is not what moves me.

I am moved when I get to see the light in your eyes when you finally accept that who you are is not your story, what you do is not who you are, and you can change who you are…this very moment.

Now, let’s get one thing clear… I am not your ordinary coach, and I am not a motivational speaker. I am the antithesis of what you might think a personal development coach is or does.  

I am not going to tell you that there is a secret to success which I have, and you don’t. I am not going to tell you that you can have, be, or do whatever you want in this life. The simple truth is:

There is no secret to success, and no, you can’t have it all.


Well, quite simply you do not have the time, energy, or the ability to have it all.  So, does this mean you must resign yourself to a life of mediocrity, struggle, and constant heartache?

No, absolutely not.

See, here’s the thing. The majority of people when asked to describe the life they want to live, say things like: “I want it all.” When asked what that means they respond with…“Well, you know, the usual stuff that everyone else wants. Happiness, money, success!”  Does this sound familiar? Do you know anyone who speaks like this? Chances are that you do because I used to speak in much the same manner, except I added things like “worldwide fame,” “hot girls,” and “curvy roads to drive my Ferrari.” 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a bigger and better life. However, what I found out is that while dreaming and wishing may put a momentary smile on your face…focus, clarity, and the right information will make that smile permanent.

Having studied the most successful people on the planet, I learned that the primary reason we cannot have everything we want is a lack of education. Yes, I know that you’ve invested years of your life becoming educated in math, science, history, politics, law, medicine, information technology, and macroeconomics.  I know that you are a high-level executive of a multi-national company, that you employ armies of good people, and that your company is poised to solve the world’s biggest problems. However, I also know that you have invested relatively very little time educating yourself in the most important and critical subject area of all. The one subject which affects every area of your life and which controls who you are, what you do, and why you do it. That subject is YOU!

I know this because, just like you, I was programmed in a system which taught me how to read, write, and multiply. A system which taught me to pay attention, keep my mouth shut, and to do as I am told. A system which did not teach me how to think for myself, how to make effective decisions, or why I behaved in a certain way. I followed the traditional recipe for success, I became a high priced lawyer, and after years of making money and having it all…I was absolutely miserable.

I could walk into any courtroom and persuade judges and juries, I could entertain people for hours with my music, I could buy whatever I wanted with my money. However, what I could not explain is:

  • Why I felt like an impostor
  • Why I felt lonely 
  • Why my spouse wanted a divorce

Upon finding myself in a pit of despair, broken, alone, and with more questions than answers, I came to realize that I had never asked myself the most important question of all…Who Am I? 

As I searched for the answer to this question, I came across many people who had also crashed and burned. People who seemingly had it all: great careers, beautiful spouses and families, and with promising futures. And I learned that while we were all highly educated and accomplished, we all lacked a Masters Degree in ourselves.

So, I decided I was going to solve that problem for others and I have come up with the 3 essential pillars of living an ideal life — what I refer to as Living Remarkably. Those pillars are Personal Mastery (control over how you think, decide, and act), Communications Mastery (how you look, what to say, and how to say it), and Relationship Mastery (how you relate to yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you).  I am convinced that when we master these 3 areas, we can finally live peacefully, authentically, and remarkably.

“A remarkable life is not the by-product of chasing success. It comes from knowing who you truly are, and why you do what you do. When you learn these answers and operate from a genuine understanding of yourself, your journey through this life will seem effortless.” 

If you’re fired up about what you just read, it’s time for action.

If you’re ready to end the frustration of not being who you really are,  if you’re ready to let go of the fear that you are not enough, and if you’re ready to stop feeling guilty about wanting a bigger more meaningful life, call me and let’s break some rules.


Steve Gallegos relies on experiences and lessons forged from years as a U.S. Marine NCO, Police Officer, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer and published Commercial Photographer to guide others just like you…to get what you want from life.

Steve is available for international speaking and training assignments for multi-cultural corporations, as well as for business and student associations. Book Steve today and give your audience the tools to transform their careers, business, and personal lives. Get In Touch with us here.

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