Meeting and Event Planners

Dear Meeting and Event Planner:

I am excited that you are considering me to speak to your audience. When you book me to speak for your Corporate Clients, Business, Entrepreneur, or University Student Associations you will be giving them one of the best programs they will have ever attended!

Not only will I deliver immediately useful and valuable information, my 45 or 90 minute presentations will stimulate creative thought, provoke positive change, and will inspire life-long action.

I promise that I will be responsive to your needs, that I will supply you the information you need in advance of your deadline, that I will arrive earlier than required, that I will win you the praise of your audiences, and that I will never demand Perrier water in my staging area…(er, uh, but if you can get San Pellegrino let’s talk!)

My goal is not to meet, but to exceed your expectations!


Steve Gallegos

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