Chasing Success Leads to Misery

Let’s see if I have this right…you went to a good school, got decent grades, landed a great job, you’re making good money, but deep inside…you feel as inspired as a mushroom. It’s the same routine day after day, week after week, and frankly, you are sick and tired of it. Or maybe you’re not quite there yet, but you wife sure is, and you know it’s time to make a change.

Right now you are thinking…how the heck did I get here, and what can I do about it?

Well, the answer to the first part is easy, and it’s not your fault. You see, you and I and most everyone else on this planet have been lied to, big time…

Most of us are taught to believe that there is a “secret” to being successful, and that without that secret, we are destined to a life of struggle, hardship, and financial misery. So we search for the secret and just when we think we have found it, just when we think that we have arrived, we see our neighbor moving to a bigger house and driving a newer car. We see our co-worker getting the promotion, earning more money and sitting in corner office. We look at other couples and see that they have a special something in their relationship that is missing in our own relationship. And just like that…you feel like a failure and once again begin your search for that elusive secret of success.

In my years of research and study of the most successful people on the planet, I have discovered that you and I have been taught a bunch of lies. The truth is…THERE IS NO SECRET TO SUCCESS! That’s right! We were taught to spend our lives chasing success, and while we may have acquired a certain level of wealth, status, and satisfaction, the reality is that most people are no happier now than when they started. Most people are still wondering how to become more successful. Let’s see if this is true for you:

Are you 100% completely satisfied with:

  • The quality of your life?
  • The results in your business?
  • Your career choice and outlook for the future?
  • Your current level of income?
  • The quality of your personal relationships?
  • Your physical health and well-being?

If you answered “NO!” to any of these questions, it’s because you have believed the lies. You have been chasing success for all these years without ever realizing that you are already successful. You do not need to pursue what you already are. That…is the real secret.

Life is not about chasing success. Life is about waking up each day knowing who you are and what your purpose is. Life is about going to bed each night knowing that you are constantly evolving into the person you are meant to be. Life is enjoying a lifestyle from which no vacation is necessary. This is what I call “Living Remarkably.”

Let’s connect, and I will give you the time-tested and proven strategies of the most successful people on the planet, in my complimentary audio program: “Secrets to Living Remarkably.”

Episode SGS-0035 – You Make It Through: Shawn Zanotti

Episode SGS-0035 – You Make It Through: Shawn Zanotti

The Stevie G. Success Show – Notes

Episode SGS-0035 – You Make It Through: Shawn Zanotti

Thank you for jShawn_Zanotti_StevieGSuccessShowoining me on The Stevie G. Success Show: The #1 Personal Achievement Podcast, with our show guest today Shawn Zanotti a public relations specialist who is making her mark in the business of branding people, products, and companies. This rising star among women in business had to overcome the devastating loss of her husband at an early age, in order to survive and make a great life for herself and their child. Her story will move and inspire you to make it through life’s biggest challenges. 

Before I introduce you to Shawn, I want to thank you for your support as a listener and for sharing our broadcasts with the people that you love and care about. This show now has listeners in 53 different countries and I have you to thank for that. Some of you send me emails sharing how you have been positively impacted and inspired by these episodes, and that to me is the most exciting part of this journey. Although some of us have never met, and we may never meet in person, I love that I am able to contribute to your life and that you can be inspired by the stories of my remarkable guests.  I know that you have countless resources for information, and I am grateful that you have chosen to include this show as part of your life.

Over the many years that I have been as student of life, success, achievement and peak performance, I have noticed that no one achieves greatness without first going through the fire. Now, the fire of which I speak is a metaphor for the obstacles and challenges which will appear in our path as we travel through our journey on this planet.

Everyone is handed adversity in life, and some will appear to have it harder than others, and some will appear to have it easier than others. However, for the person in the struggle, it can be overwhelming, devastating, and often a life changing event. These fires can often paralyze us from moving forward and it can cause us to quit on ourselves, on others…and on life itself.

These fires and adversities can show up in the way of a physical or mental injury through accident or at the hands of another. It can show up as loss of a job or career, financial ruin, loss of a close or intimate friendship, loss of marriage through divorce, and what many consider to be the ultimate loss…the death of a loved one.

These fires are never easy to handle and often they appear when we least expect them, when we are the least prepared, and when we are most vulnerable. You may have heard the phrase “You can prevent Forest fires,” in reference to a forestry and wildlife conservation campaign in which the character known as “Smokey the Bear,” counsels us on ways that we can prevent the destruction and devastation of our forests and wildlife. However, in life, while we can certainly avoid certain types of losses and devastation, there are a number of challenges which will present themselves which we cannot prepare for or avoid. These are the fires that we must each face in our own time.

A benefit of knowing that each of us will and must face adversity, is that as others have gone through similar fires, we have a resource for learning how to handle and move through these difficult times in our lives. By learning what others are doing or have done to overcome these challenges we can apply those lessons in our own lives and perhaps in a small measure, lessen the pain or shorten the duration of it.

And as each of us must face our own adversities, keep in mind that facing the adversity is not what makes us unique. Rather, what makes us unique is how we move through the adversity, and how we grow and evolve from it. So called bad things will happen; it is how we respond to them that defines your character and determines the quality of your life. We can choose to remain in eternal sadness, paralyzed by the loss or fear resulting from the loss, or we can choose to stand up again and continue the journey that we call life, bringing hope and light to others along the way. This is exactly my show guest is doing. 

Here now, is my interview with Shawn Zanotti.

About Shawn Zanotti:

Shawn Loren Zanotti is a critically acclaimed author, world renowned speaker, entrepreneur, and is the CEO and Founder of Exact, a company that specializes in sports, entertainment, and business-to-business non-profit and marketing assignments. Drawing from her own personal experiences as they relate to sudden loss and death, single parenting, juggling career and family life, building a business, breaking into the PR business and various other obstacles, Shawn allows life to be an open book and raves on, “If you think it, you can achieve it,” and offers inspiring messages that relate to many people. 

Shawn is a graduate of HamSHAUNbook_tips_FINAL-1pton University, Hampton, VA where she received a Bachelors of Arts in Broadcasting. After a successful career in broadcasting as a TV News Reporter at various TV news stations, Shawn chose to expand her media knowledge by pursuing an entrepreneurial venture. She noticed a gap between the role of an involved publicist and the client–which was the birth of what is now known as Exact. Shawn is also the founder of Journey, a luxury apparel line for the man, woman, child and dog. The brand in itself was strategically named Journey to symbolize the ups and downs of life. The logo is a circle of J’s in various directions to mimic the roller coaster of life. The fashion line is luxurious, comfortable clothing which is designed for the trendsetter.

Connect with Shawn:

Episode SGS-0034 Conrad Alagaban Jr: The Face of Your Message

Episode SGS-0034 Conrad Alagaban Jr: The Face of Your Message

The Stevie G. Success Show Notes

Episode SGS-0034 – The Face of Your Message: Conrad Alagaban Jr.

Conrad Alagaban Jr., Headshot Thank you for joining me on The Stevie G. Success Show: The #1 Personal Achievement Podcast, with our show guest today Conrad Alagaban, Jr., an entrepreneur located Dallas, TX who is making his mark on the business community there with his approach to not only launching and branding a business. He also helps individuals figure out and come to terms with whether they have what it takes to step into the world of entrepreneurship.

Before I introduce you to Conrad, I want to thank you for your support as a listener and for sharing our broadcasts with the people that you love and care about.  This show is currently heard in 52 different countries throughout the world which is exciting as there are as of my last count in 2015, a total of 196 countries. At this rate we will soon have listeners in every country, or at least those with access to the internet and with the ability to speak and understand English. That is exciting to know that we started with no audience at all and we now have thousands of downloads around the world.

That is a reflection of the world in which we live, and highlights the people’s desire for information, good information that will help them, that will help you…accomplish your objectives. You have countless available resources for information, and I am so grateful that you have chosen to include this show as part of your educational, learning, and entertainment experience. I do hear from many of you via email and also through the StevieGSuccess Facebook page, and I would love to hear from even more of you. So go ahead and send your comments and questions, and I will continue doing my best to answer you as best I can. 

Several months ago, I was invited to attend the graduation ceremony at Bella Modeling, one of the top modeling schools in Texas, by its CEO, Estela Trevizo, who some of you may remember was a recent guest on this show. I have attended many similar events over the years and one of the things that stood out for me was the quality of the graduates from this particular school. As they spoke and presented themselves you could feel that they had experienced a substantial personal transformation far beyond the confines of how to pose in front of a camera and navigate the catwalk. One standout in particular, was my guest Conrad Alagaban. He had an energy and presence about him that allowed him to stand out in the crowd and I knew that he was someone I needed to learn more about.

In the days following, I looked him up and was not surprised to find out that he is a seasoned business owner, entrepreneur, and someone who is respected, looked up to, and sought after by many start ups and other business leaders in the community. Although he has a relative few years of business experience, he has acquired a wisdom and life experience that is certainly beyond his years.

Like many other leading millennial standouts in this country, Conrad is among those who have opted out of the traditional race to the C-Suite, favoring instead, to make his own path and to help others along the way.

I do want to apologize in advance, for some sections of this interview where the call quality was less than stellar, however, I think you will find it entertaining, education and inspiring nonetheless. Here now is Conrad Alagaban…


About Conrad Alagaban, Jr.:

I am working on solving the missing college experience. I want to help more college students get experience in their field of study before graduating and actually get hired for the degree they studied afterwards! Right now, 70% of college graduates, don’t get a job in their field, and owe an average of $25,000+ in college debt. Ridiculous!

Heres my backstory.

Born on the island of Guam, I was blessed to start my life as a Filipino American. Guam was, at the time, the closest my parents could get to America; the land of opportunity.

As a teenager, my parents found that opportunity to move to Texas, and I have lived in Dallas since. During those formative years, I gained an affinity for business and sharpened my skills through a business leadership program called the Southwestern Advatage. I met thousands of families in their living rooms and listened to their story. This is where I found my passion in helping young people.

After graduating from Northwood University, I grew my company, Con Soleil, into a versatile marketing firm. I hired hundreds of college students and helped them build their communications skills by doing thousands of surveys, calls, and door to door campaigns.

Currently, I am building the Viceroy Entrepreneur Center. Being a Viceroy Entrepreneur is simple, be a self starter. Run your life like its a business. Manage your finances, health, relationships well and tie everything to your core values. We’ll work with you to build your skills for a great career or a great business. Your pick!

All of this is done in partnership with our charity the Young American Voter’s Foundation. Together we are building a professional development program called Life Mentors. Aside from having a strong personal startup skills, our members also build on their community involvement and understanding of how government works!

Connect with Conrad:

Thank you for listening, we look forward to helping you live more, play more, and rock the world!

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Episode SGS-0033 – Detective Daniel Gomez: A Look Behind The Shades

Episode SGS-0033 – Detective Daniel Gomez: A Look Behind The Shades

The Stevie G. Success Show Notes

Episode SGS-0033 – Detective Daniel Gomez: A Look Behind The Shades

Daniel Gomez_Play to Win_BookWelcome to Episode 33 of The Stevie G. Success Show: The #1 Personal Achievement Podcast, where we bring you guest interviews designed to help you live more, play more, and rock the world.

For those of you around the world who has been following us and have subscribed to the show, I am grateful that you are here with us today as we convene for 2016. We took a several month hiatus for several months during the end of 2015 as I was busy promoting my book “How to Live Remarkably: Proven Strategies to Solve Your Problems, Make Better Decisions and Eliminate Stress,” which hit #1 in the U.S. and #4 in the U.K. thanks to all of you!

What often happens to us solo entrepreneurs and business owner’s, is that our business goes thorough seasons or better described as peaks and valleys. When we are in a valley season and there is not much going on, we have time to water our projects and tend to them appropriately.  However, when we are in the peak season, everything seems to be happening at once with talks and appearances and people asking for coaching, and at least in my case, I found that I had to let go of a few projects so that I could attend to what I found were new and demanding responsibilities that accompany having written a #1 best seller book. So, that was the case with the show, however, now we are back!

My guest today is Detective Daniel Gomez, a former police officer with the City of Dallas and licensed private investigator who is known internationally as the Chief Detective on the reality television series, “Cheaters.”

If you are not familiar with the program, it is a reality show where Detective Daniel Gomez goes out into the streets with a camera crew to collect video and audio evidence of people who are engaged in having illicit affairs. Now while the show is pure entertainment for a lot of people, it serves to show us the enormity of the infidelity problem that exists around the world.  Now in an upcoming show we are going to be addressing the topic of romantic relationships and how to avoid being the one who cheats, or from being the one who is cheated upon.

For today however, I want to introduce you to a real life detective, someone who probably knows more about the topic of cheating and infidelity than anyone. Not unlike his television persona, Daniel devotes his career to helping people who find themselves in a bad relationship through his own real life Detective Agency.  Daniel is also an author of the Book “Play to Win” which is a practical guide to help men and women identify the signs and patterns of a cheater, what to do when the signs appear, and how to either save the situation or walk away completely.

So if you have wondered…what kind of person does it take to work with victims of infidelity and confront those who are abusing their relationships? What kind of personality does it take to be involved, day in and day out, with infidelity cases which are one of the most emotionally charged and volatile areas of relationships? How does someone like this maintain balance and sanity in such an explosive environment?

Join me now as we look behind the shades of Detective Daniel Gomez.


About Detective Daniel Gomez:

Detective Danny Gomez is a Texan, born and raised. Growing up in Dallas, Danny pursued a career in law enforcement and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Dallas Baptist University. After graduation he entered law enforcement and served 10 years in a major metropolitan area. Throughout his time with law enforcement, Danny also furthered his interests in becoming a private detective. His invaluable work as a law enforcement officer helped him make the decision to work in the private sector.

After many experiences of dealing with domestic and family matters as an officer, Detective Gomez specializes in these issues, particularly infidelity investigations. It was because of this focused work he came to the attention of Executive Producer Bobby Goldstein. After meeting with Bobby Goldstein, Danny Gomez was pleased to join the team at Cheaters as lead detective for the show.

Danny is proud to have spent over 12 years with Cheaters as Chief Detective. The continued success of the show has allowed him to reach even higher in his work as a private detective. His work with Cheaters, as well as his agency, has made the Gomez Detective Agency the leading agency in this field.

Connect with Detective Gomez:




Thank you for listening, we look forward to helping you live more, play more, and rock the world!

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