Steve Gallegos

The Reinvention Expert: For When You Absolutely, Positively, Want to Change Your Life
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I’m not here to motivate you…

I’m here to change your life

RE.IN.VEN.TION is the process through which something is changed so much that it appears entirely new.

You are changing every day. Are you changing upward, sideways, or downward?  If it’s upward, keep doing what you’re doing. If it’s anything else, we can change your direction, and therefore, your life.

How long will it take? Unlike other experts who require 3, 6, or 12 months of your time, I only need 90 minutes. Because if I can’t show you how to get what you want in 90 minutes, it won’t happen in 90 days either.


Why I Do What I do

Finding someone to confide in and who will give you wise counsel, without judgment, is the greatest challenge of most high achievers.  I may not be the answer for everyone, however, I may be the answer for you.


Free Audios for You

How to Reinvent and Redefine Your Life

You’ve crashed and burned; lost your business, your job, or worse yet, your marriage.  Learn to survive and thrive.

You Are Not Your Story

In childhood, we are told things about ourselves, which are mostly untrue.  We carry these ideals into adulthood often with disastrous results.

Chasing Success = Misery

We’ve been taught to chase success in order to be wealthy, respected, and happy. Let me show you how we have all been lied to.

Ignite and Reinvent Your Corporate Culture

The key to your company’s success is your employees. The key to your employee’s success is your culture.

Let's Break Some Rules

There are those who wait in line, there are those who jump the line, and then, there are those who skip the lines altogether…Rule Breakers!

If It's Not Fun, Let It Go!

The words “I have to” signal a life filled with drudgery and struggle. When we learn to say “I get to,” now that is what I call living!


 Our Ecstatic Clients

Talk About Their Results

I transform lives, launch careers, and ignite relationships.  I give you a reason to smile each and every morning.

Stevie G’s training is dynamic and fun! Through his personal development coaching, I have become much better organized and have improved my ability to make decisions, which is critical for my work with top athletes.

Diego Zaltron

Pro Soccer Coach, Colorado Springs, CO

Stevie is a talented trainer and impactful speaker. With his coaching, I improved my confidence dramatically, and it has paid off in my career! I strongly recommend for everyone to attend Stevie’s training.

Eric Pineda

Sr. HR Generalist, MCrowd Restaurant Group

As a direct result of Steve’s training and coaching, I have greater confidence,  increased clarity, and I am more effective as a business leader. My professional career is now in high gear and I thank Stevie G. for it all! 

Ann Lacey-Holmes

Realtor and Start-Up Founder, Dallas, TX

Let’s Connect!

What’s On Your Mind?

If you are ready to experience your next career, business, or relationship; the one which will finally bring you the joy and satisfaction you’ve been searching for, let’s connect.  Send me a message, ask me a question, or simply tell me what’s on your mind.

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Dallas, Texas, USA

Let's Connect

Let's Connect!

Let's connect and you will get complimentary access to my special audio "Secrets to Living Remarkably." In just 55 short minutes that we spend together, I'll give you the 3 essential actions that you can take immediately to solve your problems, make better decisions and eliminate stress.