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How to Make Sure Your Presentation Sucks, Pt.2

Your Presentation Sucks_web

Adding on to my last post “How to make Sure Your Presentation Sucks!,” I now give you my final 4 strategies for making sure you never get hired, never get the sale, never land the client, never get the starring role, and never have your phone ring again. Alright, here we go… 5.  Being too casual/Formal – This strategy will ...

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How to Make Sure Your Presentation Sucks!

Didn't Get the Job

Most speaking trainers want to show you how to deliver a flawless talk. I on the other hand prefer to show you how to make sure that your presentation sucks! This way, you get to choose your mistakes and then at least you can say that you failed on purpose. Or, on the other hand you can choose not to ...

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I am Just a Cookie!

I cannot Motivate you_Steviegsuccess

As I travel around the country speaking to groups of corporate personnel, entrepreneurs, and others, I am often introduced as a “motivational speaker.”  I realize that this is a common reference for those of us who give talks which have the effect of motivating audiences, but the truth is that I am not a motivational speaker. I have the ability and the ...

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Why Are You Here?

Doubt Your Limitations_StevieGSuccess

Why are you here in America?  If you were born here, okay, no need to answer the question. However, if you immigrated here from another country, why did you come here? Why did you sacrifice your lands, your family, your friends, your customs, and everything you knew in order to  come to America? Why did you risk your finances, your ...

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Furlough Your Negative Thoughts for 10 Days – Improve Your Life

Quality of Your Life_StevieGSuccess_web

 Are you tired of getting your butt kicked by all the negativity in your life? Did you know that the negativity in your life is there because you are thinking about it? What if I told you that in a mere 10 days…you can learn to eliminate the negative results and begin experiencing positive results? It’s true! Instead of merely ...

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